100% Success | GERMINATE CANNABIS SEEDS by Soaking in KELP: Organic Cannabis Cultivation Indoors

Catalyzing Life: Soaking Seeds in Kelp (Seaweed Extract) to Germinate Organic Cannabis is Part 2 of the Germinating Cannabis Seeds Series. Part 1 is the Introduction video released August 28, 2017.

This was by far the MOST fun had while editing, and you will see plenty of classic references, some fails, and some successes…I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed creating this video.

Music by Kings of Leon, ‘Closer’ from the album Only by the Night.
Music by Beastie Boys, ‘Intergalactic Planetary’ from the album Hello Nasty.
Music by 9Lazy9, ‘Take Nine’ from the album Paradise Blown.
Music by Beastie Boys, ‘Electric Worm’ from the album The Mix-Up.
Music by Big Boss Man, ‘Sea Groove’ from the album Humanize.
Music by Andrew Bird, ‘Logan’s Loop’ from the album I want to See Pulaski at Night.
Music by Andrew Bird, ‘Pulaski at Night’ from the album I want to See Pulaski at Night.
Music by Medeski, Martin and Wood ‘Chubb Sub’ from the album Friday Afternoon in the Universe.

Clips taken from:
Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein
Monty Python
The Shawshank Redemption
Young Frankenstein
Napoleon Dynamite
The Gods Must Be Crazy
Groundhog Day
Married…With Children
Whose Line is it Anyway?

Image of oxygen and Periodic Table

Jumping off Boat Fail

Boat sinking

Whack a Mole Guy

Venus fly trap at Burning Man photo credit:
Tristan Savatier from www.playa-dust.com

21+ Adults Only

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